Where Can You Find The Best Green Coffee Bean Extract Pills?

Dr oz standing in front of green coffee beansAre you wondering where to buy green coffee beans? For people who are serious about losing weight, this diet aid can work wonders. It’s a very popular supplement nowadays because there are so many reviews supporting its effectiveness.  If you want to get all the wonderful benefits of this extract, you have to find the right manufacturer, brand and seller otherwise, all your dreams of having a sexy body will never come true.

We kid you not. Today, there are dozens of brands of GCB pills and if you’re not careful, you could end up with a product that is either:

  • Fake
  • Low potency
  • Harmful for your body

You want neither of these options obviously! Who wants to risk their health and well being in their goal of losing weight?

Before we reveal to you where you can buy the best GCB product, let’s first take a look at raw coffee bean extract. It’s important that you have a good understanding of how and why this product works so that you will not be misled by any unscrupulous seller out there.

In a nutshell, GCB works by preventing the absorption of fat from the food that we eat. It also triggers the body to utilize stored fat and convert it into energy, and you lose weight as a result.

Quality Is Vital

The extract is obtained by soaking raw coffee beans in water and then gently heating them. You don’t heat them the way you make your commercial coffee beans because roasting them in extreme temperatures will take away the weight loss properties of the beans.

The whole process is very simple and straightforward. But don’t make the mistake of making your own GCB because potency is of utmost importance here.

You see, the key is in getting the highest amount of chlorogenic acid (CGA) in the final product. This ingredient is what regulates the blood sugar level in your body and it also releases glucose in the blood. That way your body will burn fat and turn it into energy, and you lose weight as a result.

Some GCB products in the market have 45% CGA, others have 50% and there are also those that contain less than 45% CGA. The process makes use of complicated equipment that you obviously don’t have at home. Some manufacturers are also trying to trick users that they have an effective natural version of the product, but the truth is that their product contains a low concentration of CGA.

When you buy a GC pill with less than 45% CGA then the results will not be as significant, that is, if it will work at all. On the other hand, when you have 45-50% GCA, you can expect to get great results within just a few weeks.

Where to Buy Green Coffee? Online vs Offline

Now that you understand why it’s crucial to buy a quality product, the next step would be to find out where you can buy it.

At the moment, you have two options: Online and Offline.

Keep in mind however that very few brick and mortar stores sell GCB. However you can easily find these pills online. Besides, buying online is always the convenient option.

Buying GCB Online

The nice thing about online shopping is that you have so many choices available. You can check out dozens of stores with just a few clicks of the mouse and you can do it in just a matter of minutes.

But while you do have plenty of options when you the supplements on the Internet, you have to be very wary of where you buy it from. There are hundreds of sites like this one, but you can’t always trust each site you visit.

Our aim is to give you the most comprehensive information on these products so that you can make a sound buying decision. The products that we feature here have been thoroughly tested and reviewed, and we make sure we only provide you with the best products in the market.

When buying the extract from a reputable website, you are assured of many benefits such as:

Value for Money

You can compare prices easily online to help you find a trusted seller that offers the best prices. Also, because the competition is stiff online, sellers always give you the best rates.

Purchase Directly from the Manufacturer

You can also buy directly from the product’s maker. So why pay for middlemen when you can opt not to? Aside from getting more savings, buying direct also assures you that you are getting a genuine pure green coffee bean pill.


When you buy online, you don’t need to waste time going inside several stores to see if they sell the product you are looking for. You also don’t need to spend time stuck in traffic as you drive from your home to the store. Ordering online takes only a few minutes and your order will arrive within just a few days.

Final Note

Hopefully, this article has taught you a few things and has answered your question of where to buy green coffee.

For many years, we have found proof that GCB extract works in helping people lose weight. Many have said they have lost anywhere from 5-25 pounds (or more!) after taking these pills for 2-3 months.

But in order for you to get the results you want, you must buy only a high quality supplement. Otherwise, it won’t work at all. Worse, you may be putting your health at risk.