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Revolutionary Natural Supplement: Can You Lose 5 Pounds Per Week?

Garcinia cambogia is a plant well known for producing a fruit resembling pumpkins. For centuries it has been used to add flavor to different types of Southeast Asian dishes, but now there’s evidence that pure garcinia cambogia extract is effective for weight loss, and it also gets rid of toxins in your body. You’re probably thinking, well it’s very easy for any weight loss product to make that claim, and it’s true, any product can claim that. However, garcinia is different because it’s backed up by solid, scientific evidence. You Can Read Our Other Garcinia Cambogia Articles For More Info: Our simple review compiles what customers had to say. Can you use it and Green Coffee Extract together? Does using a colon cleanse with the extract boost results? If you want to know where to get a free trial bottle, look no further. What exactly are the side effects and benefits of this supplement? Want to combine garcinia cambogia and apple cider vinegar? Does Garcinia Cambogia Work? – Scientific Evidence Because there have been several claims being made about pure garcinia cambogia, scientists and health experts decided to put it to a test, subjecting it to a battery of examinations to determine if there’s any truth to the claims. The clinical trials involved double blind, random and placebo controls, and the results were published in Obesity and the American Dieting Journal. The results of the study (multiple studies actually) revealed that the participants that took garcinia cambogia supplements lost significant amounts of weight, their glucose and blood lipid levels went down as well. The studies also showed that the waist and hip circumference reduction were significant too. Here’s a quick summary of the findings after the study. Subjects lost 14 pounds Their waist to hip circumference were reduced by 5 inches All the subjects that took the supplement reported feeling more energetic None of the participants reported any unhealthy side effects And the best thing about these natural diet capsules is that the participants didn’t need to wait months for the effects to manifest. In fact, they only had to wait for a week or two at most to start losing weight. How Does It REALLY Work? – The Details The supplement works by finding and using several ways to break down fatty cells in your body and breaking down existing fat cells. Unlike other diet pills and weight loss stimulants, it is 100% natural so there will be no issues as far as high blood pressure is concerned. In fact the opposite is the case because as you lose weight your blood pressure will stabilize. Garcinia works because it goes right after the cause of all those fats, namely the enzymes and processes that transforms the stuff you eat into fats and deposited in your body. This is what makes the supplement different from everything else that’s in the market today. All of those products are just focused on getting rid of fats, but if the process isn’t stopped, […]

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